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    Cabernet Shiraz - Australia
    Wine made by You at the Wine Shoppe
    Batch includes wine, labels, corks, shrink caps and all fees and taxes.



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    • If you wish to modify your wine recipe, please leave your request in the order comments section, when finalizing your order on the next screen.

    • As of July 1st 2016, you are legally allowed to delegate the starting of your batch of wine.

    This distinctive blend takes the best characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz to create a balance loved by many. The dominant cassis flavours of
    Cabernet Sauvignon are well accented by the peppery spice and full-bodied nature of Shiraz. Combine this all with the added body & tannin from the Cabernet Sauvignon Grape skins and toasted vanilla flavours from the American toasted oak to create a wine that will be envied by your guests and yourself!

    Allow this wine to age 6 months or more to truly experience it’s full

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