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    5 Year Membership



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    Making wine at home is fun and saving money makes it even more so.

    **PLEASE NOTE: These MEMBERSHIPS are only applicable for buying WINE KITS online. If you wish to order BATCHES OF WINE to be made at THE WINE SHOPPE ON PARK, you DO NOT need to purchase a MEMBERSHIP! All of our WINE BATCHES are already discounted for you :)

    By signing up for an Online Shoppe Membership, our regular prices will be discounted, just for you!

    That's 25% off all your wine kit purchases and 20% off Coopers beer kits and more for the next year!

    Why do we have might ask?

    Well, we hope that you will appreciate the quality and consistency of our kits and service and we think that if you are a member you will have even more reason to come back to shop for all your wine kits at our on-line store. As well, the membership fee helps us off-set the cost of the on-Line store website and administration and we don't have to add this cost to the price of the kits. And lastly, the saving on your first kit purchase will cover the cost of your membership. From then on your savings are automatic...the more wine kits you purchase from our Online Shoppe, the more you save.

    So, join up, and start shopping...and saving!


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